The fight against virus transmission by sap-feeding insects

Professor Alberto Fereres is currently undertaking a vital research programme into control strategies for sap-feeding insect pests with a focus on the transmission of plant pathogens by insect vectors.


Greece hails the introduction of Isoclast™ active

DowDupont together with Greek business partners Elanco Hellas, celebrated the introduction of Isoclast™ active (ISO common name sulfoxaflor), the revolutionary new insecticide for the control of sap-feeding insect pests, at AGROTICA.

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Launching a new active ingredient – the secrets behind the success

Reflecting on the recent launch of Isoclast™ active, Mike suggests that there are 3 key ingredients in the recipe for the successful discovery and launch of a new active ingredient: curiosity, collaboration and perseverance.


New opportunities for EU sugar beet farmers focus the need for new pest control solutions

The end of European Union (EU) quotas for sugar offers exciting opportunities for beet farmers across Europe, with industry analysts suggesting that production across the region could be increased by up to 50%. 


Isoclast™ active Quiz – Test your knowledge now!

What do you know about Isoclast™ active, the new insecticide from Dow AgroSciences? Take our quiz and test your knowledge!

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Why Isoclast™ active is a new generation of insecticide

Dow AgroSciences developed Isoclast™ active (ISO common name sulfoxaflor) as an innovative insecticide to help farmers control pests in vegetables, fruits, cereals and other important crops.


Isoclast™ active, a new tool in the fight against virus transmission

Imre Mezei, Biology Team Leader for Europe, outlines the vital role that Isoclast™ Active can play in controlling virus transmission.


Isoclast™ active breaks new ground in Romania

At a recent event in Bucharest farmers, distributors and agronomists were given a rare insight into three new active ingredients: Arylex™ active, Inatreq™ active and the revolutionary new insecticide, Isoclast™ active.


Isoclast™ active – First impressions

Jose Hernández, Technician at Dow AgroSciences Spain interviews Isabel Céspedes, Technical Director at Céspedes, a company focusing on agricultural and environmental solutions in Almeria, Southern Spain.

Interview with Boris Castro, Global Technology Transfer Leader at Dow AgroSciences


Isoclast™ active – The appliance of science

Boris Castro, Global Technology Transfer Leader offers an insight into how Isoclast™ active demonstrates the practical application of R&D at Dow AgroSciences.


Seeing both sides of the Isoclast™ active story

Ramesh Babu, Territory Marketing Director – South Europe, talks about farmers and consumers and the satisfaction he feels in bringing the needs of both groups together.

A perspective on the development of Isoclast, a member of an innovative new class of insecticides


Taking a closer look at Isoclast™ active with Imre Mezei

Imre Mezei, Dow AgroSciences’ Zonal Biology Team Leader for Europe, gives us his perspective on the development of Isoclast™ active – a member of an innovative new class of insecticides.

Isoclast™ active, a revolutionary new insecticide, was unveiled in Fruit Logistica, one of the key produce trade fairs in Europe.


Isoclast™ active launched at the Fruit Logistica Fair

Fruit Logistica is one of the key produce trade fairs in Europe. Dow AgroSciences selected the event to unveil Isoclast™ active, a revolutionary new insecticide developed to support farmers and growers across the EU region.