February 21, 2018

Greece hails the introduction of Isoclast™ active

Welcoming over 120,000 visitors from Greece and 30 other countries, AGROTICA is the largest agricultural trade fair in the Balkans and SE Europe. It was here that DowDupont together with Greek business partners Elanco Hellas, celebrated the introduction of Isoclast™ active (ISO common name sulfoxaflor), the revolutionary new insecticide for the control of sap-feeding insect pests.

Launched under the product name CLOSER™, Isoclast belongs to a new chemical class of insect control products – the sulfoximines. Displaying excellent knockdown and residual control, Isoclast offers growers extremely effective control of economically important pests like aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, scales and other important sap-feeding insect pests.

‘We’re really pleased to introduce Isoclast™ active to our Greek growers’, said Javier Negro, Sales Effectiveness Leader Crop Protection SE CU. ‘It’s effective on most major crops and as well as delivering excellent systemic and translaminar activity, it also shows a robust lack of cross-resistance in insects resistant to other insecticides. We think it’s a major breakthrough in the control of sap-feeding insect pests, a view already confirmed by the feedback we’ve had from Greek growers’.