May 16, 2017

Isoclast™ active breaks new ground in Romania

At a recent event in Bucharest over 200 key Romanian opinion leaders were given an exclusive preview of some of the latest innovations from Dow AgroSciences. Presented by Iulia Nicola, Country Manager Dow AgroSciences Romania, farmers, distributors and agronomists were given a rare insight into three new active ingredients, Arylex™ active, Inatreq™ active and the revolutionary new insecticide, Isoclast™ active.

Central to the launch was Isoclast, a groundbreaking insecticide for the control of  sap-feeding insect pests. Across Romania, Aphids and Whitefly cause widespread problems in orchards and glasshouses impacting in particular on yields of apples, cherries, plums, tomatoes and peppers. Isoclast is a new class of insecticide and in Romania where choice is limited, it is set to be a key part of the farmer’s toolbox.

With a unique mode of action, Isoclast provides excellent knockdown and, crucially, in Romania, it is highly effective at low use rates. Isoclast is also a strong fit with IPM programmes, demonstrating a robust lack of cross-resistance with existing insecticides and thereby positioning it as a valuable rotation partner with other chemistries.

Feedback to the event and the forthcoming launches was both immediate and extremely positive. Iulia Nicola commented ‘We were really pleased with the response from the audience. Never before has DAS been able to share so much exciting news with our agricultural community here in Romania, nor offer such an effective and impactful range of solutions’.