Sustainable chemical solutions that increase crop productivity

The researchers at Dow AgroSciences are dedicated to discovering and developing sustainable chemical solutions that increase crop productivity and help farmers get the most out of every hectare of land.

Despite growing demand for food and the increasing strain on arable land, farmers are relying on a rapidly decreasing toolkit to tackle the devastating pest problems that threaten their crops and food security.

To address this issue, Dow AgroSciences heavily invested in R&D and innovative thinking to discover sulfoxaflor, the sole member of the sulfoximines to be developed commercially. Isoclast™ active has since been approved in the EU and is registered in more than 40 countries in the World.

What makes it unique?

Isoclast exhibits complex and unique interactions with the insect nicotinic acetylcholine receptors that are distinct from those observed with neonicotinoids, butenolides and mesoionics.

It also shows a robust lack of cross resistance with insecticides in other chemical classes and, most importantly, can efficiently and effectively be used against an important range of pests.

Isoclast has been used in millions of hectares worldwide over several growing seasons with no reported harm to honey bees.